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Healthy Holistic Living

 Holistic living is the art of living in harmony with nature and concern for the whole universe. The things we say, the way we eat, exercise, worship; the way in which we live our everyday lives. Being aware that ‘our world’ doesn’t end at our front door. Being aware that every action we make has potentially an effect on the whole universe, and taking responsibility for it. 

With great respect for all living beings -living and breathing planet earth included-, we strive for balance and harmony within ourselves, others and the  environment.

The majority of us spend most of our lives in the dark, living in a bubble, and for the most part, we refuse to see the bigger picture. This feeling of emptiness we walk around with translates to every aspect of our lives. The way we think, feel, eat, worship, nurture and simply how we perceive things in general. Sometimes we forget, or refuse, to take responsibility for the things we do, say or think, taking everything for granted. 

So why is it that most people spend most of their lives yearning to be part of something bigger, something greater, when if they could just be humble enough to look around them with open eyes and open hearts they would see that they already belong, they're already part of something bigger that they could ever begin to comprehend in our current state of existence. Then we would know, that we are part of everything, and in turn, everything is part of us.

The whole universe is born out of the same essence, vibration, life force. We are part of an interconnected web of beings manifesting in their own particular way. The same essence that creates us flows within us, between us. It is that essence that keeps us alive and connected to the universe. Each and every one of us is a manifestation of that essence, that life force. Human beings are the juncture between heaven and earth. We are nature, manifest as people.

It seems so simple; to have the understanding that not everything needs to be understood, and being humble enough to be able to accept the mystery the universe is.

Opportunities for change as we progress through our life comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  At times, these changes may seem more as a tragedy, opposed to ample opportunities.  A chronic illness, death, hopelessness, depression, or allowing a dream to slip away may often be the catalyst to assist  us with  breaking  out of the narrow box we tend to create for ourselves.

The numerous obstacles and challenges we all face in during our lifetime may be the one thing that shakes our world up enough to awaken our sleeping, idle souls...to help us understand that life is truly a gift.   If we are wise, listening  carefully to the soft whispers and messages, it may  help guide us to our authentic, healthier self.

My unyielding passion to promote holistic health  in my own life is of great importance.   Existing in a more harmonious, natural  lifestyle is of great benefit to everyone.  Lacking  balance, self-commitment,  and a deep serenity within ourselves can be overcome.  

Healthy Living and Holistic Health are at the very core of a happier, increased satisfying life.  These two main ingredients are the fundamental building blocks to fulfilling your potential for serene living.  

Aspects of Holistic Health and Healthy Living include:

  • The foods we eat

  • Career choices...low key or constant go

  •  Method of travel

  • Our homes 

  • Our thinking process...positive versus negative 

  • Our level of wealth 

  •  Complete honesty 

  • The personal relationships we have

  • The time we take for ourselves

  • And so much more.  


Holistic Health and Healthy living are worth looking into.  These key elements contribute to defining who we are.  The impact our life choices have ultimately affects our health and happiness. Take charge of your life.  We have incredible amounts of power within ourselves to change our lives by choosing the right alternatives available.

Stay Well and Healthy,