Karla Hicklin

Disparate Women, Charlatans, and Conspiring Whores

Never has a book been written that delves into the many aspects of women's lives.  The aging process, cheating spouses, widowhood, lesbian lifestyles, positive and negative parenting, the pros and cons of women's movements, female ailments, self-esteem, twins and the turmoil that may be  inflicted upon the other by the matching sibling, various life choices and responsible roles as women are the main focuses of this descriptive self-help, self-exploratory book, plus many more topics.  No stone has been left unturned!   


"DISPARATE' is not to be confused with the word DESPERATE.  

Table of Content

Table of Contents

1)  Rise or Needlessly Fumble

2)  The Tossing of Gauntlets and Wide-Brimmed Hats

3)  I Certainly Do, But What About Children?

4)  Parenting for Life

5)  The Unnecessary Pain of Womanhood

6)  Cheaters, Scoundrels and Innocent Bystanders

7)  The Complex World and Changes

8)  Too Little or Too Much

9)  Till Death Do Us Part...or Divorce Erupts

10)  Science or Choice

11)  Sharing Genes 


Chapter One


 Self-esteem is a central identity issue essential to personal 

validations and innate capabilities to experience complete happiness and  total fulfillment.  


Chapter Two


Feminist movements continue to conquer the world, both in a positive 

spotlight, yet also in a slightly negative manner. 


Chapter Three


After the nuptials are successfully rendered, many women state that 

the lifelong commitment of marriage combined with motherhood 

overflows with jubilation, appeasement, and challenges.  


Chapter Four


Under normal circumstances, couples aspire to raise families and own a nice home in the 

country or suburbs, accompanied by a healthy and prosperous outlook.  


Chapter Five


In general, women experience higher levels of fear when it comes to 

domestic violence situations. Since average men retain greater upper 

body mass and unmatched strength than the average woman, the physical 

attribute grants males a higher level of lethality over women when 

pestilent violence envelopes their immured lives. 


Chapter Six 


Extra-marital affairs usually begin with an attraction to someone a 

person is already aware of in their life and typically knows fairly well, or 

a person they spend sparse or capacious amounts of time with at certain 

periods during their life, normally friends, extended family members, or 



Chapter Seven  


An enormity of categories pertaining to complexes arises regarding 

this growing group of females. Psychological complexes are viewed as a 

number of entities that make up considerable portions of emotions, 

memories, related thoughts, feelings, and impulses that have been suppressed through their entire lifetime. 


Chapter Eight 


A temporary decline in sexual desire is most common for women during pregnancy, 

after childbirth, debilitating physical conditions, illness, stress, inability to 

achieve an orgasm, marriage or relationship turmoil,  and victims of prior 

sexual abuse.  


Chapter Nine


Coming home to an empty house is usually never an easy task for 

anyone, and especially if the emptiness is caused by the death of a beloved 



Chapter Ten


Many coherent researchers expound that a majority of chaste females 

in America has participated in at least one homosexual experience, or felt 

the sensation to partake in the close encounter at some moment during 

their lifetime.


 Chapter Eleven


Approximately one out of every fifty-two Americans is a twin, 

and deriving from these sets an estimate of one in every four twins is an 

identical pair.   



Self-Esteem...Combat the Scoundrels! 

"No one can make you feel inferior or undeserving without your permission or approval.  Never give it."   Karla Hicklin