Karla Hicklin

Karla Hicklin


All of Karla's  books are well researched.  Reincarnation Claims took more than twenty years to complete due to the extensive travel and research involved.

Disparate Women...(not to be confused with the word "Desperate") took more than six years to finish.  Hundreds of women were interviewed for this book. 


Reincarnation Claims


Unravel the Mystery




Delve into the mystery of reincarnation. Many reasons surface to embrace the unproven phenomenon while other arguments come forward to dispel the notion entirely. Discover how soul mates may play a significant role in the rebirth process. Various cultural, religious and social groups claim the invisible event of reincarnation occurs at the precise moment of death, while others profess a belief in souls resting upon astral planes before re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Another multitude of persons who claim near-death experiences convey messages of evidence that seems to prove the recycling of souls occurs when the individual makes the choice to incarnate or ascend to Heaven. Myriads of reasons evolve for sustaining or disregarding the belief in reincarnation within the sects of Polynesians, Hindus, Scientologists, Kabbalah, Muslims, Christians, Wiccans, LDS, Pagans, Atheists, Voodoo, UFO cults. Great philosophers, coalesced with many social, religious and cultural climates throughout the world, including Scotland, New Zealand, Norway, Brazil, Africa and Japan rationalize the phenomenon as a normal activity that is beyond reproach.

Discover the many secrets of reincarnation and soul travel that could reveal the mystery of a past life. Learn to listen to the inner whispers! The book is a fascinating read even if a person does not believe in reincarnation. The theories proposed to tease, educate and envelope the mind are truly riveting!


"Reincarnation appears as a source of tremendous comfort, sprinkled with a glaze of sultry seduction, for persons fearing their ultimate demise on Earth."

"In extreme and rare cases, once the rebirth process is complete inside the astral world and the Earthbound soul is due to arrive, it becomes possible that the spirit retains memories of an earlier life."

"There is no absolute proof, physical evidence or logical support, for the act of reincarnation or deja vu, and none against it."

"...the Kabbalah doctrine embraces the pliable occurrence as plausible and consistent." "While delving into past life searches, a method of traveling out and away from the body can be of great beneficial interest." "The predatory psychics surrounding Earth’s populous have been described as dragons having their heads sewn on backwards by many Christians." "Love is composed of a single soul inhibiting two bodies." Aristotle "Although the soul is latent and shrouded in mystery, its essence is easily viewable to coordinated mates."

"...Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe could be considered a type of soul mate, or the coveted twin flame, dependent upon a firm definition describing a short period of time."

"Most people seem to fear death to a lesser extent these days, and especially those who claim to have already passed on once in their lifetime."

"James Douglas Morrison, the rock-n-roll poet of the music group The Doors, sought the out-of-body experience with the aid of hallucinogenic drugs, coupled with deep mediation."

"Death is not an absolute ending, and in the new world to come, the good will fare better than the evil and corrupt." Plato





Table of Contents

Table of Contents
 1) Pondering Reincarnation
 2) Astral Realm
 3) The Déjà vu Connection
 4) Religious, Cultural and Philosophical Beliefs
 5) The Hypnotist
 6) The Clairvoyant
 7) Soul Mates
 8) Locating Proof Through Records
 9)Out-Of-Body Experiences Explored
 10)Religious, Cultural and Other Beliefs

(Pondering Reincarnation)    

     Reincarnation is believed by another multifarious of researchers to be the direct result of  accumulating negative karma during a person's repetitive lifetimes. The destructive karma retards  the spiritual growth and human reconciliation required for a person's essence to vibrate at higher frequencies, hindering the desired escape of another rebirth.

     A soul must learn  to move through all dimensions of space and time by adjusting its vibrational frequency in order to develop to its highest potential.  In order to break the cycle of reincarnation,  the soul must unleash morally objectionable thoughts and selfish tendencies while  striving to achieve the immaculate level of spiritual enlightenment.  While reaching for these destinations, the deed of repentance allows a pittance amount of time in the spiritual realms upon death, but the requirement to reincarnate is not banished until the soul reaches and maintains absolute perfection.

(Astral World)

     Much work exists for the invisible helpers residing on the astral planes. The chore of the unseen helpers would not be done unless there were souls at the  stage of entering the new astral existence.

(Déjà vu)

Most people who encounter the strong sense of déjà vu may actually be experiencing a class defined by similar attributes of the occurrence known as déjà vécu.  This fairly common event is translated as already lived through.

(The Hypnotist)

     Hypnosis is generally defined as a complex method of inducing an altered state of consciousness, causing a person to become very receptive to hypnotic suggestions.  Encouraging results with the proper use of a hypnotist surface, but the captivating art also remains a known fact that fantasy is capable of infiltrating and mingling with true memories, creating fictitious episodes.

(The Clairvoyant)

     The lessons introduced from the New Testament teach against sorcery, witchcraft and persons claiming to have the gift of clairvoyance.  So, why is it observed that abundant swarms of people seek out such services offered by psychics, such as Sylvia Browne and James Van Praagh? 

     Around the world it seems more people feverishly search out a clairvoyant when they feel a desire to learn about their future status in life, or attempt to disclose a past life if one
is seemingly being recollected. 

(Religious, Cultural and Philosophical Beliefs) 

     Dianetics became a sober theory since at least 1950, affording the creation of Scientology.   Many religious researchers and Christians reference Scientology as an evil cult and the Satanism of Hollywood.

(Soul Mates)

     Soul relationships are similar to trees that produce many branches and massive amounts of leaves.  The leaves represent souls while the twigs sprouting from the branches emulate friendly domiciles.  Souls that sit on the withes are intimately close to each other.  The other souls who perch upon the branches are also close, but not as intimate in association as the twig souls.

(Locating Proof Through Records)

     The vast amount of courthouses and libraries in America, and throughout England and Europe, can quench insatiable appetites for a person when doors swing open, revealing happy, or even the most tragic or gruesome events that could have taken place many years earlier.

(Out-of-Body Experiences Explored)

     Soul mates also incur a new meaning and understanding while investigating connections with OBE and NDE.  Many researchers no longer view soul mates in romantic contexts of karma or twin flames in the same manner.

(Religious, Cultural and Other Beliefs)

    Hindu subjects normally do not report viewing their own physical bodies during an out-of-body experience.  Most of the Hinduism population who lay claim to NDE often report being led to the after death realm by several angels. Upon arrival, and the mistake discovered, the soul is sent back into their body and is revived.  They often do not return with claims of visiting
deceased relatives, but convey the vision of a brightly lit room. 



The author has conducted extensive research concerning reincarnation for more than twenty-years. However, the facts or theories presented throughout this book do not necessarily reflect the opinion or belief of the author.





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